Month: August 2018

Event’s Review: A Parisian instant with Nicholle Kobi


Weeks ago, I was surfing on one of my favorite blogs xoNecole when I came across an article titled: “Meet the French illustrator who is all about sisterhood and black girl magic”. Reading through the article, I discovered that I was familiar with the illustrations of the featured lady, Nicholle Kobi. I have seen them on Instagram but never thought of the person behind them. I quickly browsed her website and I saw that she was touring Africa. And she was scheduled to stop in Johannesburg, in August. Since I didn’t know much about her, I’m glad I checked her event out.


5 African Queens you need to know

by Achille DevÈria, printed by FranÁois Le Villain, published by Edward Bull, published by Edward Churton, after Unknown artist, hand-coloured lithograph, 1830s

Africa is always described as a place where women live under the plight of patriarchy-based traditions and customs. But once you start reading ancient history and traditions, you’ll find out that women have always occupied very important roles in most of our societies. Many women have created and ruled kingdoms (and empires), furthermore they led armies and fought wars against invaders and colonizers.

I strongly believe that we, modern African women, can learn and take inspiration from these queens.

So here are 5 Africans queens that every African woman should know about: