Mission and vision statement

Who We Are

House of Nzinga is a digital platform which objective is to celebrate women of Africa and her diaspora.

What We Do

We are doing so by creating, sharing and curating content that is inspiring, empowering, educative and entertaining. We edu-tain!

Our Mission

In today’s world, where diverse narratives and voices are more important than ever, our mission is to offer content that support and promote an afro-centric, women-focused narrative and worldview.

To fulfil our mission, we offer content that is at the intersection of pop culture, socio-political, current-affairs and entertainment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading bilingual online destination for the multicultural, multilingual and multi-passionate African Woman to stay up to date with pop culture, trending socio-political, current affairs discussions and entertainment news.

At House Of Nzinga, we believe that our heritage and our history should play an important role in who we are today. Hence we regularly publish history features and profiles of past heroines and heroes.

House of Nzinga’s ultimate goal is to create a tribe of women with shared interests and values, deeply rooted in Africa and open to the World.

The type of content you will find here includes:

  • Series of profiles about inspiring African and people from African descent
  • Letter from the Editor: a monthly editorial piece where I discuss the top current affairs issues and trending stories.
  • Interviews, Lifestyle, Pop Culture articles
  • History features

N.B The website is bilingual, check out the ‘FRANCAIS’ category for French articles

Who is House of Nzinga’s Ideal Reader?

She is a fierce Afro-Optimistic. She is passionate about Africa (including her Diaspora) : Our history, current issues and culture. She works towards making a difference in her community. She is comfortable in her own skin and is running a race of her own. she is beautiful and successful in her own right and believes in collaboration more than competition. More than anything she is a Queen who fixes others queens’ crowns.


What’s behind the name? Meet Queen Nzinga

Mbande Nzinga was a powerful queen who lived between the end of the 16th century and through the middle of 17th   century (1583-1663). She reigned over a kingdom in Central Africa which is now known as modern day Angola.  Queen Nzinga is hailed as one of the greatest women rulers in Africa.  A visionary leader, a skilled diplomat and an astute politician she fought against the slave trade and European influences. Under her leadership, Angola resisted Portuguese colonization for about 30 years! She fought for a free Angola up until her death at age 82.

Read her 3-parts story here.

Meet the Blogger-In-Chief

The blog is founded and edited by Patricia Yumba Muzinga.

After intense brainstorming sessions with myself looking for a name, one day the name ‘House Of Nzinga” popped in my mind.

I thought it was the perfect name for the blog for the following reasons:

  1. One of my names is Muzinga. I also love Queen’s Nzinga history. So it’s a wordplay around both our names.
  2. It’s my digital house. My Queendom. Imagine we’re friends and you regularly come to hang out with me at my place. We could be having fun and light-hearted conversation on the patio; or have serious girls talk on different women issues in the lounge while sipping wine. Another day, we can talk about anything from music, to movies to the latest social media challenge or trending stories around a nice meal, in the kitchen. This is how I want anyone on this page to feel. Like a regular guest, meeting her homegirl, either for a fun, mid-week, after-hours cocktails session on some days. On another, it will probably be a long and lazy Sunday brunch filled with deep conversations about life.

Now that you know what to find here don’t stand at the door, come on in, make yourself comfortable, find a quiet spot under the large palm trees adorning the queendom, grab a drink and feel at home ;-).

Let’s get social, let’s connect!

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