Beyoncé: Renaissance Full Album Review

An Homage To Black Queer Culture.

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On Friday July 30, Beyoncé released her much anticipated 7th studio album, Renaissance. The album dropped 6 weeks after “Break my soul”, its first single, was released. The single sent her fandom (the whole world even!), into a frenzy of anticipation of the superstar’s comeback.

The long and....

“Break My Soul” gave us a glimpse into Queen Bey’s new artistic direction. The release of Renaissance confirmed it. We’re going (back) to the Disco! Upon its release, the album sparked all sort of reactions, ranging from total euphoria from the Beyhive (her adoring fanbase), to (mostly) raving and positive reviews from the media and music critics.

But it also sparked a lot of controversies, think-pieces and dramas on social media. Like with every Beyoncé’s project over the past few years, the reactions are always extremes and polarized.

However, many agree that Renaissance is nothing more than an invitation to dance, party and rejoice. A breath of fresh air, after two years of isolation brought by one of the biggest pandemics of our modern times, the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Break my soul’’ lyrics, an invitation to release everything, (including our jobs!), perfectly summarize the general mood of the album.

“And we back outside
You said you outside, but you ain’t that outside
Worldwide hoodie with the mask outside
In case you forgot how we act outside”

The short of it

The album is a mix of disco, soul, and electro vibes. It evokes a feeling of fun, nostalgia and familiarity. To achieve this, Renaissance contains a long list of samples, interpolations and familiar elements of disco, pop and hip-hop songs. One notable ‘sample’ is “Show me love” by Robin S. on the hit single “Break my soul”.

The songs transition and blend smoothly into one another, like a long DJ set, reinforcing the feeling of a big disco party.

Renaissance also boasts a very long list of credits, with notable participation of producers, songwriters and composers. The Dream, Nile Rodgers, Raphael Saadiq, Drake¸ Big Freedia and the latest sensation on the Afrobeats/Afropop scene, Nigerian songbird Tems, are among those on the list.

Ultimately, the album is a lover letter to the Black Queer community, who are the originators and innovators of many of today’s pop culture trends.

In short, Renaissance is a real ode to Black Joy.


Here is a full, song-by-song, review.

  1. “I’m that girl”

When the album started playing, my initial reaction after few seconds was an uncertain “hmm?”. But when the beat drops (at exactly 0.43 seconds), I got immediately hooked. Beyoncé’s invitation to join her big dancing party is accepted!

The first track transitions smoothly to what sounds like a self-love anthem: “Cozy”. The track is full of, what we can anticipate, will be social media quotable:

2. “Cozy”

The first track transitions smoothly to what will probably be the self-love anthem of the album: “Cozy”. The track is full of, what we can anticipate, will be social media quotables:

Might I suggest you don’t fuck with my sis (Ooh)
‘Cause she comfortable
Comfortable in my skin
Cozy with who I am
Comfortable in my skin
Cozy, cozy

3.“Alien Superstar”

“Please do not be alarmed. Do not attempt to leave the dance floor” announces a robotic voice through a megaphone”. This intro transports the listener into a retro-futuristic space (cue: Bestie Boy’s Intergalactic) and elevates the sonic experience of the album.

The song also contains an interpolation of the 90ies rap hit ‘’I’m too Sexy”’ by Right Said Fred. “Alien superstar” brings a lot of nostalgia and fun, enhanced by beautiful vocals, blended with her signature rap-talking.

4. “ Cuff-It “

The good mood set by “Alien Superstar” continues and transitions nicely into “Cuff-It”.  Here Beyoncé invites us to get lose through the night and get high on the dance floor. Nile Rodgers is credited as one of the songwriters. The song is already a favourite on social media boosted by the #Cuffitdancechallenge).

For those who don’t know, Nile Rodgers is a legendary American record producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger, and guitarist. He is behind some of the world biggest hits: “Like a Virgin” (Madonna), “Le Freak” (Chic), David Bowie’s” Let’s Dance” and Daft Punk’s Ft Pharrell Williams, “Get Lucky”. We can definitely feel his touch on the track.

5. Energy

The transition between “Cuff-It” and “Energy” is probably one of the best on the album. Here Beyoncé enrols Beam, a Jamaican-American rap artist, who delivers a catchy and dance-hall verse. It provides an excellent bridge between Cuff It and Energy.

Side Note: Unfortunately, just a couple of hours after the album’s release, “Energy” was at the centre of a controversy. The first of many thereafter. Singer Kelis accused Beyoncé of ‘Theft “after some of her fans ‘account spotted her name in the song’s credits and praised the “collaboration “between the two artists. However, Kelis declared that she was not consulted and expressed her anger toward the star. She went on a several days tirade on social media to air her grievance with the star.

For context, “Energy” contains an interpolation of “Milkshake”, a song produced by The Neptunes and performed by Kelis. Beyoncé seems like a collateral damage in Kelis’ years-long feud with The Neptunes, mainly with Pharrel Williams, over the song’s rights and ownership. However, it is important to note that she is not listed as a songwriter/composer on that song and Beyoncé, or any other artists, are not legally require to go through her, to clear a sample. Beyoncé probably thought she was being considerate by crediting her as the performer of the song, but it unfortunately backfires.  You can read the full story here:

[NB: after Kelis’ dramas, Beyonce removed her from the credits list ]

The song also contains a nod to Fugees’ Oh lalala’ (“Fu-Gee-La”) chorus. The sentence “Them Karens have turned into terrorists” is a reminder that we can still for something, even while we’re having fun

6. Break my soul

That’s the debut single that introduced us to the new colour and sound direction of the album. Here Beyoncé promises us a good time and to take us back the disco and the ballroom era. She enrols, once again, Big Freedia (the two have collaborated on Lemonade), to tap into and, celebrate the Black queer and bounce music culture.

“Break My soul” is really an “We’re outside !!” anthem. A celebration of the world post-pandemic, where we can hopefully be ourselves again. It’s a vibration and mood lifter. Some media and commentators have linked it to the “Great resignation” phenomenon, thanks to “release your fears, release your job” part in the lyrics.

As stated above, Beyoncé here interpolates a very famous disco song of the 90ies, “Show me love” by Robin S. The later went on several media appearances and thanked Beyoncé for honouring and crediting her in the song. Hopefully, it will also boost her streaming numbers, with the help of the younger generation who will want to discover the original song and the older ones, nostalgic of the good old days.

7. Church Girl

That’s the first time that the album actually makes a few seconds stop, contrary to the smooth transition which intertwined all the previous songs together. Probably to let us catch our breath?

Church girl is a very interesting song. One could naively expect a gospel song. But trust Beyoncé to take the stereotype of the “good church girl” and turn into an hymn for girls living life into their own terms. She warns:

I’m warning everybody, soon as I get in this party
I’m gon’ let go of this body, I’m gonna love on me
Nobody can judge me but me, I was born free

In a plot twist, the song becomes a twerking anthem:

I’ll drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty
I said, now pop it like a thotty, pop it like a thotty (you bad)
Mi seh, now drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty (you bad)
Church girls actin’ loose, bad girls actin’ snotty (you bad)
Let it go, girl (let it go), let it out, girl (let it out)
Twerk that ass like you came up out the South, girl (ooh, ooh)
I said, now drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty (you bad)
Bad girl actin’ naughty, church girl, don’t hurt nobody

The song contains some notable interpolations, including of “Center of thy will”, from legendary gospel group, the Clark Sisters,

Side Note: If you have seen the Clark ‘sisters’ biopic, it shows the tension between the need to stay ‘holy’ and abide by the church rules, and a fierce will of emancipation within some of the sisters, making them some kind of “Church girls” too.

8. Plastic off the sofa

“Plastic off the Sofa” transitions the heavily disco infused album, into a smooth adult R&B atmosphere. The song gives old school and nostalgic vibes. It evokes a picture of lovers, who have grown old together and are reminiscing of the good old times. It is an invitation to let your hair down and be yourself around the person you love.

9. Virgo Growth

As a famous Virgo, Beyoncé offers a cool, unpretentious song that bring us back to the dancefloor. She provides a hymn for her fellow virgos. The song rhythms remind of “Before I let go”, from Franky Beverly and Mase, a song she famously sampled upon the released of “Homecoming”, her acclaimed Coachella’s performance.

10 Move

Another obvious nod to the black queer culture. Move is a “voguing” song, the synchronized dances originally created in underground black queers’ community. Voguing is a type of dancing that including posing movement like a model (of Vogue magazine). It has been made mainstream by Madonna, in her song, famously titled “Vogue” (1997).

The song features a surprising collaboration by Nigerian artist, Tems and the legendary Grace Jones.

11. Heated

It is interesting to note that, when Beyoncé started teasing her new album, Drake released, a few days before Renaissance, a surprising electro-house project. 

Media and fans alike were wondering about the odds of two of the biggest superstars, to take a similar creative direction. Pure artistic coincidence or they have enrolled the same producers?

Seeing Drake being credited as one of the producers of the album, make sense. Although, Drake drew his inspiration into the current Afro-house sounds (especially the popular Amapiano genre). Beyoncé chose to lean toward the old-school US electro and disco scene.

The song is also a tribute to Beyoncé’s late uncle Johnny, a gay man who died young of HIV Aids related complications. He seemed to have been a major influential figure in her life. The chorus “Uncle Johnny made my dress “is already becoming popular on social media.

12 Thique

Another voguing song! Beyoncé once again goes back to her rap-singing voice. The song is light with a repetition of lyrics.

13. All up in your mind in your mind.

 Between Move and this one, songs are more laid back and easily transitions into one another, almost monotonously but still a pleasant and cohesive listening experience.

 14. America has a problem

The song breaks the previous monotony with an old-school rap intro. One can imagine the music video like those old school rap videos. Cue: A Run DMC video with rappers sporting heavy gold chains, Adidas track shoes and shoes, tearing up a screen and ready to take you back into a 90ies Breakdance dancefloor. Beyoncé even choose to “rap’ in this song.

The song contains a sample of an old-school rap song “(Cocaine) America has a problem” by Kilo Ali.

15. Pure Honey

Bad bitches to the left
Money bitches to the right
You can be both, meet in the middle, dance all night
Take it all off or just a little if you like
It’s pure

It should cost a billion to look this good (oh, yeah)

Queen Bey is urging all of her fans “to get into formation”, in perhaps the ultimate voguing song of the album

What best than an homage to the ultimate queen of disco herself, Donna Summer, to close up this heavily infused Disco party we’ve been invited to?

Summer Renaissance gives a feeling of ‘full circle ‘moment. And perhaps, it offers one of the biggest lesson of this album: do not be afraid to take risks (as she did by taking this artistic direction).

You’re the director of your life, you can hit the spectator with a plot twist and unexpected turn, any time.


You can stream Renaissance full album here:


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“When protecting Black women at all cost” goes wrong?

An Opinion-Piece on Will Smith’s Oscars debacle.

On Sunday 28th of March, one of the most prestigious and significant event of the films industry, the 94th Academy Awards, the Oscars, took place. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a night of celebration and recognition for actors and other films professionals were overshadowed by Will Smith’s infamous “slap that was heard around the world”.

On Friday 8 April, The Academy who launched an investigation of the incident, gave its verdict. Will Smith is banned from attending the Oscars, or any of its event, for 10 years.

Although the incident took place almost a month ago and, has been and discussed in the media and, across social media ‘ad nauseam’. The issue is still trending online and making international headlines.

Chronology of the incident

Before I proceed , here’s a recap’ of the facts: (assuming you’ve been living under a rock-no pun intended-and, have no idea what people are talking about):

Comedian Chris Rock took the stage of the Oscars to introduce the “Best documentary feature” category. Upon his arrival, he immediately poked fun at Jada Pinkett-Smith who was sitting with husband Will frontstage saying: “Jada, I love you! G.I Jane 2 can wait to see it!”.

The joke is an allusion to Jada’s bald hairstyle and a reference to a 1997 movie, in which actress Demi Moore plays a fictional first woman lieutenant to join the Navy Seals, a special US Navy’s operation force. She is determined to succeed/survive a grueling special training program, in a male dominated environment. To blend with her male peers, Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil (her full name in the movie), shaves her hair.

Demi Moore Movie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
(Via Giphy)

It is worth mentioning that, over the past few months, Jada disclosed that her shaved look is the result of Alopecia, a condition that cause hair to fall.

After the joke, Will is filmed laughing loudly, in unison with the public. Then, in a bizarre twist of events, Will who has just noticed Jada rolling her eyes and acting irritated, stood up and started walking toward Chris Rock.

As the 2 men are face-to-face, Will seems unsure for a few seconds of what to do next. Then he proceeds to give Chris Rock- who continues to laugh, looking a bit unsure though- an open-handed slap. The scene is so weird, that the public and most of the viewers might have thought first that, everything was staged.

“Wow, Will just hit the shit out of me!” said Chris Rock, while Will is marching back to his seat, in a much more assured demeanour, a little victory lap.  People were still unsure of what was going on, judging by the audience who continued laughing for a few minutes afterwards. One person who probably understood that sh* was going down, was actress Lupita Nyongo, sitting right behind The Smiths couple, judging by her facial expressions.

Chris Rock, who is trying to keep his composure, and in an attempt to keep things moving said: “This will certainly be the best night in television!”. Will Smith then starting shouting angrily back at him, twice, “KEEP. MY WIFE NAME. OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!”.  

Rock, who admirably managed to keep his composure, finished what he came to do, introduced the next category’s winner [let’s get real for a second: imagine if he had decided to push back or retaliate and a real fist fight erupted?!- At the Oscars?!, Woo the ghetto! ].

Two things can be true at the same time…

A lot has been sad about the incident, but here are a few takeaways, or my 2 cents rather :

Firstly, it is concerning to read across social media, how people (mature adults who are expected to behave better) were quick to justify, (even praise), Smith’s behaviour, in the name of ‘defending his wife’s honour’. But being roasted at the Oscars is part of the game. This is a tradition that happen to most US awards ceremonies. We can criticize some of the jokes or find them cringy, but Will and Jada are both veteran actors in Hollywood who have attended countless of awards ceremonies. So they know what to expect.

I came across a segment on a French TV channel, where one of the commentators passionately said, and I translate: “Will Smith should have even gone harder on Rock. If it was me, I would have punched him hard, take my wife and leave!”. He adds:” Taking jabs at someone’s wife, who is furthermore dealing with a sickness, should be off-limit”.

The problem is, Jada Pinkett is an actress and Hollywood personality in her own right. Rock was not taking aim at a poor little sick lady who had accompanied her husband. Jada is Rock’s industry peer, and an outspoken confident woman, who didn’t need this kind of ‘defending’.

Like the French commentator, many people rejoicing in this reaction, were just happy that Will validated their own toxic and problematic views of masculinity.

What is probably more concerning, is that, people seems to think that Chris Rock joke, deemed insensitive towards people suffering with alopecia and, Will Smith violent reaction to it, cannot both be condemned. Two things can be true at the same time. We can call out Rock’s joke and ask comedians to adapt their comedy to the current social settings. At the same time, we can firmly condemn Will’s reaction, because it is not ok to go around slapping or hitting people, just because we didn’t like something they’ve said or done.

The Academy producers let down Chris Rock

The Academy producers were strongly criticized for letting Will Smith go back to his seat after what was clearly a public assault (on live television on top of it). He was even allowed to collect his award and make a (rather pathetic) long speech. Will Packer, who was producing this year’s event offered a justification for this inaction, but still, this confirm that we live in a world where double-standard is the norm.

What was perhaps more disturbing than the slap, was Will’s acceptance speech of “Best Award Actor” for his role in “King Richard”. In the biopic, he portrays tennis legends, Venus and Serena’s father, Richard Williams. So, rambling through tears, Will Smith apologized to the Academy and his colleagues-he didn’t mention Chris Rock- and, justified his action as an ‘act of Love’. He even went as far as comparing his action to Richard Williams’ role as a protector and fierce defender of his family.

This performance was really problematic, because not only it resembles the behavior of men who are abusive towards women, then justify their violence as an act of love gone bad. The speech was also disrespectful towards the Williams sisters (who were in the audience), as we never seen their dad going around assaulting people, in the name of ‘love’ and defending them. Even when his daughters were subject to unfair, frustrating and discriminatory treatments from the press, tennis’ umpires and sometimes, hostile crowds.  Richard Williams even commented on that, diplomatically rebuking Smith.  

An evening that should have been a celebration for the movie’s entire cast, a tribute to the Williams’ sisters and their dad’s extraordinary story of resilience, and determination, will forever be tainted by an unfortunate outburst, which could have really been controlled.

What is even more sad, the incident has taken the spotlight away for so many other celebratory moments. For instance, Will Packer and his production partner were the first all-black team to produce the prestigious event. And things were going pretty well before the slap. For a ceremony that has been criticized over the past few years for so many misses, this edition seemingly, was going to be a hit (again, no pun intended). Also, the all-female trio of comedians (Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes), chosen to officiate the grand mass, were, according to many reviews, doing a great job too. The ‘slapgate” has also sadly overshadowed musician Quest Love’s win in the category announced by Rock.

The incident has brought up so many debates, some of which very particular to the United States’ discourse on race, gender and class. Many ‘think-and-opinion pieces’ on respectability politics, black-on black crime, how our ‘faves” gets away with awful things. In other words, how Will Smith was handled with care during the ceremony because he is a rich successful good looking black man who has managed to keep a polish, good guy image for decades.

Although the incident has been a polarizing issue, like everything that lands on social media nowadays, it is important to state that Will Smith’s reaction, in such a professional setting (no matter how glamourous it seems, the Oscars are a work event for actors and films professional), was completely wrong. We can debate at length on how Chris Rock’s joke was distasteful, but for an actor to get up on stage and punch a comedian during such an event, set a dangerous precedent. Some comedians have raised their concerns and how this was dangerous to their profession.

Media reports has announced that security had to be beefed up for the Grammys, which happened the week after.  It was hosted by Daily show’s host, South African comedians Trevor Noah. Thankfully, no such dramas were reported.

Will Smith’s behaviour is most probably the consequences of years of bottled-up embarrassment, because of the constant airing of intimate secrets about their marriage and family life, via Jada’s family talk show The Red Table Talk. Indeed, Will has been over the past 2 years, the butt of jokes and generator of countless memes on social media, most notably since the ‘entanglement revelation’.

Jada didn’t need that kind of defending

As said before, Jada is a confident, outspoken woman, who proudly sports a gorgeous shaved hairstyle (Jada, along with Hally Berry and Tony Braxton are some of the Black women who has been sporting gorgeous short hairstyles for decades.), and doesn’t need this kind of “defending in the name of love and protection”. It would have been more impactful for Will, or Jada to address Rock’s joke afterwards and raise more awareness regarding alopecia.

” When it comes to defending Black women, America is still stuck on stupid”

Karen Appiah

As a Black woman, I cannot deny the fact that we are often at the receiving ends of racist, misogynists jokes (misogynoir) across social media and, generally demeaned by the society at large, (sadly by black men very often). But as written by Washington post’s columnist Karen Appiah, in her opinion-piece about the incident : “(..) We need new options in this culture. The choice for protecting Black women shouldn’t be between male violence and everyone else’s silence. When it comes to defending Black women, America is still stuck on stupid.”. In the world of famous songstress Aretha Franklyn, what we need is R.E.S.P.E. C. T! From everybody.


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From The Editor: Happy New Year And Best Read Roundup

Happy New Year Fam!

Happy New year Girlfriends! We’re a few weeks well into 2022 and I hope the year has started off well for you. Most importantly, I wish that 2022 will be good to you and to your loved ones.

Before properly kicking off things for 2022, How about we have a look at our best read content of 2021?

Hopefully, 2022 is the year we finally overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and find our New Normal. Because, the virus has been with us for over 2 years now , so health experts now know more about it then during the first months of the outbreak. And, by health experts, I am not talking about the resident self-proclaimed ” natural health guru ” from your family WhatsApp group but, immunologists, virologists, doctors and nurses… REAL health professionals.

From pandemic to endemic?

Health professionals predict that the pandemic is likely moving toward being endemic.

Endemic means that the disease will still be prevalent and recurrent like the flu for instance but more manageable. But endemic doesn’t automatically mean that it will be less severe. Malaria for instance is endemic and still kills hundreds of thousands of people every year (Source : World Health Organization). Also, don’t just throw yet your masks and sanitizers, they’re still your best protection against the virus.

Anyway, 2022 certainly feels like a pivotal year, where the light at the end of the tunnel is closer, brighter and holds promises of a new chapter.

While we anxiously wait to see what this year has in stock for us ( after 2 crazy years! ), have a look at our 6 most popular articles of 2021.

The year that was 2021:  Best- read roundup

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4. Three Wealthy and Powerful Kings of Ancient Africa

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Read more about how Winnie Madikizela Mandela (The Mother of the nation), Charlotte Maxeke (for her woman in her times, her story is simply amazing) and Miriam Makeba have each made an impact through their activism, during different period of South Africa ‘s darkest history.

6. [ WATCH] : Travelling the world as an African Woman-A conversation with Tania from Kongo Travels

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Beyoncé’s Evolution piece : 3 Takeaways From Her Interview With Harper’s Bazaar

Every Beyoncé’s media appearance is an event. The global superstar has, overtime, mastered the art of controlling her public image and the direction she wants to move towards, in her career. Every project, media interview (which are super rare), song release or a launch of the latest collection of her clothing line, Ivy Park, are carefully crafted, planned and part of a bigger picture: an aesthetically cohesive feast (with a solid PR and marketing plan)!  

Beyoncé graced the covers (3 different covers were shot) of the Harper’s Bazaar ‘s “Icon Issue” and talked about lessons learned in her 4 decades (Queen Bey is hitting the big 4.0 very soon), her inspiration found in her roots and upbringing and how she keeps her inner-self private.  

Here are 3 lessons and takeaways from her interview:

Most of her projects have a “Black History lesson” moment

In one of the covers Beyoncé is wearing an all-denim piece of her Ivy Park forth-coming collection, Ivy Park Rodeo. She was inspired by her Texan upbringing and the forgotten history of Black cowboys:

“This collection is a mixture of my childhood growing up in Texas and a bit of American history. I grew up going to the Houston rodeo every year. It was this amazing diverse and multicultural experience where there was something for every member of the family, including great performances, Houston-style fried Snickers, and fried turkey legs. One of my inspirations came from the overlooked history of the American Black cowboy. Many of them were originally called cowhands, who experienced great discrimination and were often forced to work with the worst, most temperamental horses. They took their talents and formed the Soul Circuit. Through time, these Black rodeos showcased incredible performers and helped us reclaim our place in western history and culture. We were inspired by the culture and swag of the Houston rodeo. We combined classic elements with the athletic wear of IVY PARK x Adidas, adding our own spin, monogrammed denim, chaps, and cowhide.”

Most of her recent projects contain little gems that are a tribute to Black history events, references and cultures.

She turned 40 and yet she is just getting started!

Beyoncé started singing and dancing at age 7. By 10 she was taking part in talents competition, shows and recording music. She was propelled to international stardom at 16, with the commercial success of Destiny’s child first hit single “No, No, No” in 1997. In an industry where there is an expiry date on women’s career, beauty and dreams, she wants to break the rules now.

“My wish is for my 40s to be fun and full of freedom. I want to feel the same freedom I feel on stage every day of my life. I want to explore aspects of myself I haven’t had time to discover and to enjoy my husband and my children. I want to travel without working. I want this next decade to be about celebration, joy, and giving and receiving love. I want to give all the love I have to the people who love me back.

I’ve done so much in 40 years that I just want to enjoy my life. It’s hard going against the grain, but being a small part of some of the overdue shifts happening in the world feels very rewarding. I want to continue to work to dismantle systemic imbalances. I want to continue to turn these industries upside down. I plan to create businesses outside of music. I have learned that I have to keep on dreaming. One of my favorite quotes is from the inventor Charles Kettering. It goes “Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.”

I want to show that you can have fun and have purpose, be respectful and speak your mind. You can be both elegant and a provocateur. You can be curvy and still be a fashion icon. I wish this freedom for every person. I have paid my dues and followed every rule for decades, so now I can break the rules that need to be broken. My wish for the future is to continue to do everything everyone thinks I can’t do.

On the importance on setting boundaries between her public and private persona to protect her inner self

“We live in a world with few boundaries and a lot of access. There are so many internet therapists, comment critics, and experts with no expertise. (…). One day I decided I wanted to be like Sade and Prince. I wanted the focus to be on my music, because if my art isn’t strong enough or meaningful enough to keep people interested and inspired, then I’m in the wrong business. My music, my films, my art, my message—that should be enough.

Throughout my career, I’ve been intentional about setting boundaries between my stage persona and my personal life. My family and friends often forget the side of me that is the beast in stilettos until they are watching me perform. It can be easy to lose yourself very quickly in this industry. It takes your spirit and light, then spits you out. I’ve seen it countless times, not only with celebrities but also producers, directors, executives, etc. It’s not for everyone. Before I started, I decided that I’d only pursue this career if my self-worth was dependent on more than celebrity success. I’ve surrounded myself with honest people who I admire, who have their own lives and dreams and are not dependent on me. People I can grow and learn from and vice versa. In this business, so much of your life does not belong to you unless you fight for it. I’ve fought to protect my sanity and my privacy because the quality of my life depended on it. A lot of who I am is reserved for the people I love and trust. Those who don’t know me and have never met me might interpret that as being closed off. Trust, the reason those folks don’t see certain things about me is because my Virgo ass does not want them to see it…. It’s not because it doesn’t exist!

Read the full interview here to discover more gems like: what each decade taught her, the sacrifices she made to focus on her craft and develop her skills, the community of women who inspire her and how the quarantine helped her adopt healthy routines.

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