One book that I have really enjoyed reading this year was ‘The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson. one of my resolutions of 2016 was to read a lot more and although I failed miserably at this resolution, I have managed to read a couple of good books. This one is definitely my best pick of 2016. The woman code is a self-help book that offers 20 keys or principles to live your best life.

These principles are dividing into 5 categories: The personal codes; The emotional codes, the spiritual codes, the professional codes and the relational codes.

It is a very easy read yet full of truth and gems. The authors teaches us how to know our values; how to live authentically; how to be brave , resilient and how to have courageous conversations and to know our front row.

To a certain extend we all know these principles but it is the way she has organised them and the way she illustrates them with examples every woman can relate to, that make it a very good and enjoyable book with ‘ah-ha moments’.

Tell me what was your favorite read of 2016 so I can put it on my 2017 read-list?

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