16 Inspiring African women series – Part 1 of 4


(This Series was updated on 25 March 2018)

With 2016 coming to an end, I have decided to do a top 16 of African women doing amazing things in their fields. Whether they are in the entertainment industry, the media, or in the government affairs; whether they are running NGOs to improve the lives of others or just a young girl who stood up for her rights and challenged the status quo in South African schools like Zuleika Patel did; these women are breaking barriers and making a huge impact not only within their communities but also worldwide. These women are sharing their African colors with the world. (more…)

5 takeways from the 2016 Lionesses of Africa Annual Conference


A couple of weeks ago, I attended the 2016 Lionesses of Africa Annual Conference. This was probably one of the most inspiring and informative event I have attended this year (2016). It was a day packed with inspirational talks from African entrepreneur women, who have traveled from all over the continent and beyond, to share their stories, connect and network with fellow South Africa based, women entrepreneurs.
Lionesses of Africa is a community founded by Melanie Hawken and as stated on its website, it is a community ‘passionate about women entrepreneurship in Africa and support the start-up dream of all women on the continent’. (more…)

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