Hello 2021 : nouvelle année, nouveaux objectifs !

Bonne année, bonne santé …

C’était le 1er janvier il y a 30 secondes à peine que nous voilà déjà à la mi-février !

Je devais publier ce poste pour vous souhaiter mes meilleurs vœux il y a plusieurs semaines déjà; je suis en retard mais j’arrive à point pour les festivités du Nouvel An chinois :-).

Je souhaite donc à chacun d’entre vous une année 2021 douce, heureuse et prospère.

2020 a été une année très difficile pour beaucoup d’entre nous à cause de la terrible pandémie de coronavirus (COVID-19) qui a complètement chamboulé nos routines et nos styles de vie.

Le nouvel an a démarré depuis quelques semaines à peine, qu’elle semble être la continuité de 2020 avec son lot de mauvaises nouvelles : la maladie continue de faire des ravages et provoquer de nombreuses pertes : perte en vies humaines dans les pays où l’épidémie bat son plein, perte de millions d’emplois dû à la crise économique, perte de revenus, d’opportunités, etc.

La plupart d’entre nous vivons aujourd’hui dans l’anxiété et l’incertitude d’un retour à la normale. Ou plutôt, nous essayons d’imaginer de nouvelles façons de vivre pour survivre dans un monde post-Covid-19.

Nous espérons tout de même que des jours meilleurs sont à l’horizon, que nous pourrons bientôt mettre tout cela derrière nous et retourner à une vie normale.   

Picture of an old typing machine with a blank page stating 2021
Une de nos resolutions est de poster plus de contenus en francais

Voici le type de contenu que vous trouverez sur ce blog :

  • Une édito mensuelle
  • Une série de profils sur des femmes (et des hommes) inspirants, africains ou de descendance africaine
  • Des actus lifestyle, culture et divertissements hebdomadaires
  • Des portraits de reines et héroïnes africaines entre autres

En attendant si vous êtes à l’aise avec la langue de Shakespeare, découvrez une sélection de mes articles de 2020.  

Mes éditos mensuelles :

H.O.N Weekly (Ma série d’actus lifestyle et divertissement qui font le buzz) :

À très bientôt,

P.S : Je vous laisse en compagnie d’Aya qui avait été nommée par Spotify comme « l’artiste française la plus écoutée » sur sa plateforme (juillet 2020).


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H.O.N Weekly : Your Weekly Roundup of Trending News

Here is a roundup of the top current affairs, lifestyle and entertainment news that has been trending for the past week.

1. POLITICS: Kamala Harris makes history has the first-ever woman to be elected vice-president in the US

On November 7th, 2020, four days after the American election day, numerous US media projected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners of the presidential elections.

The 4 years of Trump’s presidency have been quite a ride. And this year’s campaign could be described as the most polarized and eventful yet. As of Monday, November 16th, Trump has not yet conceded defeat and he claimed on Twitter (in CAPS letter!) that he is the winner.

Kamala Harris will be the first-ever woman, furthermore woman of color, to occupy this position. She is the daughter of immigrants: her father is Jamaican and her late mother is Indian. In her victory speech, Harris thanked and honored her mother and all African-American women. The latter overwhelmingly showed up at the polls and voted for Biden and Harris (According to national polls, 95% of African-American women voted for the Democrats). They are hailed by many as the ‘backbone of US democracy”.

Listen to Kamala’s victory speech here :

Read this article to learn more about people like Stacey Abrams and Cori Bush, who worked tirelessly for years to put the Democrats back in the White House: the ‘Real MVPs’ of this year’s election (Source: XONecole)

2. WATCH: Beyonce releases behind-the-scene footage of her photoshoot with British Vogue

In the early hours of Monday, November 9th, Beyoncé released a short video of behind-the-scenes footage of her British Vogue photoshoot. The 4 minutes long video, titled ‘A Friday in September’, shows Beyoncé getting ready and playing model for the magazine shooting.

It didn’t go unnoticed to African -especially Congolese- music lovers that the video’s background music is a Congolese song titled Ngai Tembe Eleka, from the late, legendary musician, “Franco” Luambo Makiadi. Franco was a genius guitarist and acclaimed storyteller whose several hits are classics in Congolese music.

For this photoshoot, Beyonce requested to be photographed by a black woman. Read more about 21-year-old Kennedi Carter who was selected to shoot Queen Bey.

Beyonce is keeping her Beyhive excited with multiples projects. From the release of the movie Black is King (I still need to write my ‘think-piece’ on it ) in August to Ivy Park’s latest collection releases and now her interview and photoshoot with British Vogue.

3. MEET Elsa Majimbo, the Kenyan social media sensation who just won the “African Social Star of 2020” at E! People’s Choice Awards

Elsa Majimbo’s funny and witty attitude has kept us laughing during the quarantine and puts her in front of global audiences. She has since been featured on several South African media, spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and, recently landed a Fenty Campaign.

Check out how Elsa has been rehearsing for international fame in her hilarious video below 🙂 .

Watch this interview to know more about Elsa Majimbo :

4. COVID-19: “Lockdown” has been declared ‘Word of The Year’ by Collins Dictionary

Lockdown, quarantine, coronavirus, social distancing… So many words have seen a sharp use during this year, due to the exceptional sanitary situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lexicographers registered more than 250,000 usages of the word “lockdown” during 2020, up from just 4,000 last year. (source : BBC)

Did you know or were you using some of these words before the year 2020? Social distancing is totally new to me.

5. TECH: Have you heard about Clubhouse, the latest social app?

Have you heard about Clubhouse, the new invite-only, voice-based social media app where you join and discuss with people in chat rooms? Well, if you haven’t yet, don’t worry you’re probably not the only one.

P.S When you tell your friends about Clubhouse, say that you first read about it here! 😉

The Clubhouse app is still in its beta version. For now, it seems like it’s mostly celebrities and a selected list of people that have been invited to try it out. So, until the rest of us are invited to hang with the cool kids and check it out, here’s how the New-York Times describes the app:

“Clubhouse is a social media app where venture capitalists have gathered to mingle with one another while they are quarantined in their homes. The app is, for now, invite-only, and buzzy: Seemingly everyone who has been allowed to join the early test version, from celebrities like MC Hammer to activists like DeRay Mckesson, has tweeted about it. And it has recently been one of the hottest deals on Sand Hill Road, Silicon Valley’s venture capital nexus.”

Are you eager to try a new social media app or you’re happy with Facebook and Twitter?

darkbean instagram fire facebook twitter GIF

Thanks for reading ! Let me know which story you enjoyed the most or which trending story I might have missed.

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