While most magazines and fashion outlets are celebrating Spring/Summer collections arrival (based on US/Europe winter). Here, in the southern part of the African continent are getting ready for our own winter. Yes chilly times are upon us and I was inspired by the Maxhosa By Laduma’s collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW Cape Town, April 017). Maxhosa by Laduma is one of South African’s finest knitwear brand, inspired by the designer’s (Laduma Ngxokolo) Xhosa’s heritage. 

Maxhosa’s brand is described on its website as follow :

 MAXHOSA BY LADUMA knitwear started in 2010 with Laduma Ngxokolo’s desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates). His vision was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for amakrwala, who are prescribed by tradition to dress up in new dignified formal clothing for six months after their manhood initiation. As a person who has undergone the process, Laduma felt that he had to develop premium knitwear that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics. Along his journey into exploring astonishing traditional Xhosa bead work patterns, symbolism and colours, he discovered that they would be the best source of inspiration for the knitwear, which he then reinterpreted into modern knitwear.(source:

Check out the pictures of Maxhosa’s beautiful collection below:

The beautiful Maxhosa shawl, one of the brand’s signature item.
Maxhosa by Laduma
This looks so regal!
Maxhosa by Laduma
Loving the white and black patterns!
The colorful shawl, in red.
I absolutely love this look from the hat to the socks!

I’m inspired by African designers using their heritage and turning them into premium brands. What is your favorite item in this collection? Check Maxhosa’s complete collection at Africa Fashion International’s Mercedez Benz Fashion Wweek 2017 here.

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