A very personal analysis: could Wakanda’s vibranium be an allegory of Congo

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You have just read the 3 reason why I have loved the Black Panther movie here. This is the personal reason why I loved the movie even more. Now this was the most interesting part for me. An African kingdom that possess an infinite deposit of a precious and sought-after metal, and that is the envy of the rest of the world? Also, foreign agents bullying them into sharing their minerals?

I couldn’t help but think about my native Congo (DRC). Congo is a mineral rich country (it is often referred to as a “geological scandal”) and has for the longest time been victim of ‘the curse of the mineral’. Meaning that the country nor its population have fully benefited for these riches and is often destabilized by foreign vultures who want to get hold, of these minerals.

Beside the devastating effects of colonization and neo-colonization, the DRC have been victim to numerous wars and rebellions since its independence, usually backed by foreign countries, because of its minerals.

Congo has some of the world’s largest deposit of minerals needed in the latest technologies such as Coltan, Cobalt and Cupper. Cupper was intensely used several ages ago for most of the innovation from the industrial revolution (Hello Belgium!!!). But over the last 2 decades, Coltan and Cobalt is in high demand because it is used in most of the latest electronics innovations such as smartphones, computers.

In the next couple of years, Cobalt will be in even higher demand because it will be needed in electronic cars.

On top of that, Congo also possesses one of the larger world’s reserve of uranium. The very same uranium used in the first atomic bomb.

So watching this moving about a mineral rich and technologically advanced country, that has never been colonized, I couldn’t help but think where Congo will be, without all these external interferences. How developed and advanced Congo can be if we were to be the sole masters of our resources? How the lives of every single Congolese could be improved if we could decide how and when and where to share our minerals, without having to compromise with external forces.

I couldn’t help but wish Congo had a Wakanda kind of fate, a place undiscovered during colonization, that would have escaped all these horrible events that have tempered Africa’s development such slavery, colonization, neo-colonization, wars, rebellions and minerals’ looting .

One is allowed to dream isn’t it?! Wakanda Forever, Congo Forever!!

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2 Comments on My 4th bonus reason on why I have loved Black Panther

  1. Tania
    March 26, 2018 at 11:38 am (6 years ago)

    Very nice blog and Like you I loved the black Panther movie for the similar reasons. I am totally biased is saying that Wakanda is in the DRC 🙂

  2. ~B
    May 20, 2018 at 5:36 pm (5 years ago)

    having recently watched Black Panther, I liked said post too, how the story of Wakanda could be the future Africa couldhave had with its vast wealth in resources…..


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