Happy New Year Fam!

Happy New year Girlfriends! We’re a few weeks well into 2022 and I hope the year has started off well for you. Most importantly, I wish that 2022 will be good to you and to your loved ones.

Before properly kicking off things for 2022, How about we have a look at our best read content of 2021?

Hopefully, 2022 is the year we finally overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and find our New Normal. Because, the virus has been with us for over 2 years now , so health experts now know more about it then during the first months of the outbreak. And, by health experts, I am not talking about the resident self-proclaimed ” natural health guru ” from your family WhatsApp group but, immunologists, virologists, doctors and nurses… REAL health professionals.

From pandemic to endemic?

Health professionals predict that the pandemic is likely moving toward being endemic.

Endemic means that the disease will still be prevalent and recurrent like the flu for instance but more manageable. But endemic doesn’t automatically mean that it will be less severe. Malaria for instance is endemic and still kills hundreds of thousands of people every year (Source : World Health Organization). Also, don’t just throw yet your masks and sanitizers, they’re still your best protection against the virus.

Anyway, 2022 certainly feels like a pivotal year, where the light at the end of the tunnel is closer, brighter and holds promises of a new chapter.

While we anxiously wait to see what this year has in stock for us ( after 2 crazy years! ), have a look at our 6 most popular articles of 2021.

The year that was 2021:  Best- read roundup

  1. Welcome to the QueenDom

If you’re new to this website and you’re wondering where to start? Start here!

This is your navigation map to the website. In this ‘Explore’ feature, you will find all the necessary links to know more about the website, Myself (The Editor), and everything that is relevant to find your way around the Queendom.

2. Letter From the Editor: How To Deal With Disruption?

In one of my most vulnerable and intimate Monthly Editorial letters yet, I reflect on the process of Disruption and finding a New Normal. This feature is inspired by the state of the world amid the pandemic and personal events.

3. Five African Pre-Colonial Queens You Should Be Aware of

They are many women in African History who have ruled kingdoms and empires; furthermore, they led armies and fought wars against invaders and colonizers. Queen Nzinga (Angola), Amina of Zazzau (Nigeria), Candace Amanineras of Kush or Yaa Ansetwa (Ghana) can be counted about these women. Read this feature to know more about them and other inspiring African women leaders of our past.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

4. Three Wealthy and Powerful Kings of Ancient Africa

What’s a queen without a king? (“Well historically speaking more powerful says this book title, and I agree 😊! In this feature, you will learn more about Mansa Musa, the man often referred as “the Wealthiest person in history” and how Mali became of the richest empires in the world, in his time

5. Five Powerful Women Who Made An Impact in South Africa

This feature introduces you to five South African women who have made history by their fearless and resilient resolve in the face of adversity.

Read more about how Winnie Madikizela Mandela (The Mother of the nation), Charlotte Maxeke (for her woman in her times, her story is simply amazing) and Miriam Makeba have each made an impact through their activism, during different period of South Africa ‘s darkest history.

6. [ WATCH] : Travelling the world as an African Woman-A conversation with Tania from Kongo Travels

 This one of my favorite piece ! I sat down with my friend, entrepreneur and travel content creator, Tania Mukwamu from Kongo Travels. We discussed her passion for traveling, her earliest travel memories and her dream destinations. Read/Watch this interview if you want to learn a few tips for discovering the world  on a budget.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview. Or better, Watch it below:


I hope you’ve enjoyed our best read roundup? Once you’ve read these features, let me know which one is your favorite and why, by leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you!


Thanks for stopping by and come back again very soon for new and fresh content.

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