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Hello 2021: best wishes and 2020 content in review

First things first…Happy new year !

I swear it was the 1st of January like 30 seconds ago, and here it is almost mid-February!

Is it late to express my well wishes for the new year ? Well considering it’s the Chinese New Year, I guess it’s still appropriate. So I wish each one of you a soft, happy and prosperous 2021.

2020 has been a very difficult year for a lot of us. We’ve all experienced many losses brought by the terrible Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been only a few weeks into 2021, and most of us are still experiencing grief and losses; losses of loved ones, of good health; jobs, incomes, opportunities and lifestyle. Most of us are now living through anxiety and uncertainties of getting back to normal. Or trying rather to imagine new ways of living in a Post Covid-19 world.

But let’s remain hopefully that better days are coming and we can soon put everything behind us and , go outside play with other kids  again 🙂 !

Chinese people around the world celebrated the New year on 12 Feb. 2021 is the year of the Ox.

What’s new and up-coming on the blog?

  • A new interview feature called “In Conversation with” where I chat to women content creators and entrepreneurs. Read the first interview with travel blogger Tania from Kongo Travels here.
  • Also, this year, you will read more commentary and analysis at the intersection of Pop Culture, Feminism and African/Black History.
  • More French content will be uploaded in the French section for my French speaking fam.

2020 content in review:

My monthly musings:

A letter from the Editor with love. This monthly features reflects on the past month and set the tone for the coming one. Read :

H.O.N Weekly:

Last year seemed like each minutes of every single day was packed with breaking news ranging from the pandemic crazy evolution, social unrest and protests worldwide, shocking celebrity deaths (Kobe Bryant etc.).

Sitting at home under lockdown, I decided to launch a weekly commentary blog to discuss and keep a tab on pop culture news, current affairs, social media conversation and trends, dance challenges that were exploding my TL.

Re-discover 2020 through House Of Nzinga lenses.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brilliant speech against misogyny in the work place

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How “Black Lives Matter” re-ignited my blog’s purpose

Last time I checked with you for my monthly musing, was in May when I did a round-up of the 2020 first quarter. I mainly discussed the rise of the COVID -19 pandemic and the top events, thus far, of the year. Today I’m telling you how world’s events of the past week, the Black Lives Matter movement especially, have helped me re-ignite my blog’s purpose.

A mural in honor of George Floyd.
A mural in honor of George Floyd.

Things have been even more eventful (and draining) with the eruptions of the Black Lives Matter protests, following the senseless killings of black people in the USA. So draining that I could not put my feelings and emotions into words (considering that we’re still battling the pandemic).

I can’t breathe”

On May 25, the killing in Minneapolis (USA) of Georges Floyd, an-African-American man, by 3 policemen, sparked national anger. The videophone footage shows Derek Chauvin, one of the policemen, kneeling on George’s neck for almost 9 minutes. Two other policemen are seen pinning his body on the floor, while George was repeatedly imploring them to stop, by saying “I can’t breathe”. He later lost his consciousness and subsequently died.

The shock and exasperation spread worldwide, with protests erupting around the world.

Black Lives Matter

Protestors around the world have rallied across the slogan Black Lives Matter, that first started as a hashtag created in 2013, in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the murderer of Trayvon Martin, another unarmed teen back boy. Since then, the hashtag is getting used widely on social media to highlight the senseless, and often racially motivated killings, of black people, especially young black men.

A few weeks before Floyd’s killing, Breonna Taylor, a 26 years-old female, was shot and killed in her bed, while police officers entered her apartment, to execute a ‘no-knock warrant search’. Her family is still seeking justice.

Before Breonna, Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man was killed while jogging in his neighborhood. He was pursued, confronted and killed by 2 white residents. His killing was recorded by another neighbor, who was later charged alongside the other two.

The shock and exasperation of these killings spread worldwide, with protests erupting across many cities around the world. In France, the movement has found resonance with the killing of Adama Traore by French policemen, in a condition similar to George Floyd.

#BlackLivesMatter goes global

This year people from every background of life, race and nationality have joined the movement. It has also sparked conversations about racism and prejudice in our society. Social media in particular, has become a very powerful platform, because it has given black people all over the world a platform to share their painful experiences with institutionalized racism.

Powerful brands and companies have all been forced to reflect and enforce changes in their organisations to actively combat racism. Ex-colonial powers such as France, Belgium and the UK are also facing a growing discontentment with Afro-descendants wanting them to be accountable for practicing slavery and colonization. They want these countries to recognize the atrocities committed under such practices and discuss reparations. Symbols and statues of colonization and slavery are being toppled in major cities across Europe and the US.

If anything, the events of these past weeks, have shown us that racism is one of the most enduring pandemic that black, and other non-white people, have been subjected too for centuries. It has permeated, in the most insidious ways every aspect of our lives.

A renewed purpose and re-commitment to my blog’s vision

The tragic killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests have reignited my purpose and the vision of House of Nzinga. It reminded me that, I created this platform to contribute to an afro-centric and afro-optimistic worldview and narrative.

My mission, when I started this blog, was to counter all the negative, stereotyped portraying of black people, especially women, by amplifying our voices and stories, while celebrating our past.

Although my platform and voice, is a tiny one in this world wide web, I strongly believe every voice counts in the fight against institutionalized racism and Neo-colonialism.  Every signed petition, every tweet, every post changing the narrative counts. As I read somewhere “activism has many lanes”, and social media activism is certainly become a powerful modern tool for activism when used correctly of course).

So stay tuned for more inspiring, educating and empowering content.