Hey queens, so this holiday, I went on a (forced) digital detox for 15 days and let me share five things that happened to me. In case you’re wondering why “forced” and why 15 days? Well, because there was a massive countrywide internet and social media shutdown in my home country. So, the internet was completely unavailable. But surprisingly,

I read 5 books. Ok, I’m still reading the 5tth because it’s a massive history book.

Last year, one of my resolutions was to read more, but my phone is a constant distraction and I’ve spent more time reading about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s feud than attending to my reading list.

I was more present, mindful, and living in the moment.

Having no internet at all means that no one around the dinner table was on their phones. I had to listen more, be more present in family conversations. No nodding to a conversation while you’re busy liking pictures on Instagram.

I slept better.

OK this a huge one! There was no more waking up at in the middle of the night and reaching out for my phone to check Twitter or Instagram. Yep, I was guilty of that too. And this is a healthy habit I aim to keep for life. I mean unless you’re a doctor on call or work night shifts, but your phone must be on silent or do not disturb during sleep.

I discovered a great African author.

Ok, I could have said that in point 1, but I needed 5 points. But I read 2 amazing books by a Congolese author, Alain Mambackou: Les Lumières de Pointe-Noire and “Les Cigognes sont immortelles.” I loved them so much that I must to write book reviews for both.

I feel less addicted to my phone.

I really love social media, (Which blogger doesn’t?) but this digital detox has helped me feel more detached from my phone and honestly, I’m loving it. I reach for it only when I need it and I try to engage only with content that either educates, inspires or uplifts me.

Do you schedule regular time off your phone or laptop? If yes, I’d love for you share  your digital detox routine with me.

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