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Hey queens!

It feels like I had just blinked since my last 2 posts, and it’s already the end of March! Where is the pause button y’all?! I need time to slow down. Anyway (sigh)…

I’m always hyped up in March because it’s “Women’s Month” (8 March = UN International Women Rights Day). It’s always funny to me how a lot of people think it is a celebration, like Mother’s Day, meanwhile it’s a day to reflect on the status of women in society and how much we still have to go, to achieve male-female equality.

So I urge every woman who is privileged enough to have a platform, to use her voice to denounce unfair treatment of women everywhere and to demand that our rights be respected at every level in society.

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As I previously stated, this year is very important to me and I have made myself a priority. So I’ve decided to embark on what I called the “Project4019: the self-love revolution”.

A few weeks ago, I asked myself what will happen if I decided to focus all my energy on ME? What will happen if I make a little extra effort in maintaining my health, establishing routines that support my lifestyle, in learning few new skills, working a little more towards my financial goals and committing more time to my passions?

This is because I read somewhere, and felt it strongly about it, to quote some: “ And the day came when, the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. So if you too are feeling tight in whatever bud you’re stuck in, join me in this self-love revolution and let’s blossom together. Concretely, it means that my content these following months will be focusing on self-development and self-care tips, advice and inspiration. I’ll be documenting my journey and sharing with you my wins, my losses and most importantly my lessons.

to blossom

Another thing I’d like to touch on is, being multi-passionate in today’s world. When I started blogging, in most of my research the big advice was on finding a niche. A lot of today’s bloggers blog only about 1 or 2 things: Make-up and beauty; finances; health and fitness, travel etc. But lately, I’m refusing to be confined into just one thing. Humans are dynamic beings and have multi-interests. Of course some individuals are exceptionally talented in one area (athletes, musicians, scientists etc.) and will spend most of their lives honing that talent. But for so many of us, we discover new talents, passions and learn new skills as we grow.

Some high-profile, multi-passionate people that inspire me include: digital entrepreneur Marie Forleo, marketing maven and overall “Badass” Bozoma Saint-John, Nicole Kane a gossip blogger (previously known as Necole Bitchie) turned wellness entrepreneur (XONecole) and, last but not least pop singer and beauty entrepreneur Rihanna. This is why slashers are so popular today.

Now Rihanna’s case is interesting; she went from being a multi-award winning artist in her prime to focusing on her other passion. She launched last year, Fenty Beauty a makeup line that include 50 concealer shades (!!) . She is highly involved in her new ventures and is refusing to be confined into what people think she should focus on, her music. She has also ventured into lingerie with her Savage x Fenty brand. Beside all these multi-million ventures, she is an advocate for girls’ education and a brand ambassador for her island, Barbados. And I’m sure she is having tons of fun focusing on other things than just music.

That is why, while I was working on setting up my blog, I’ve always wanted to do a magazine style blog, where I can touch on and discuss about different things that I love. And they are many. Ultimately, when I find my rhythm and voice in blogging, I want to talk about serious and fun stuff, ranging from politics, race, women issues to music, pop culture, beauty, lifestyle. I choose to walk in the steps of the women mentioned and be unapologetically multi-passionate, multi-dimensional, fearless, whole and human.

Tell me what you think. Have you chosen to focus on one mad skill you possess or try different things. Perhaps like Nicole Kane, you started early in life doing something and a made a complete 360 degrees turn in your life? What’s your view on this?  I’d like to hear from you on this one.

Until the next post, stay fabulous Xoxo,

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